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Video of Mini-Horse Getting a 'Unicorn' Make-Over is Just Too Cool

Who says that unicorns aren't real? For all the naysayers our there, perhaps you need to take a look at the video recently shared by a woman named Amy (@skinnychicken05) on TikTok. We want to believe!

We think we speak for all of us when we say it's time to get down to the bottom of this whole unicorn conundrum once and for all. Thankfully, Amy's video seems to blow this longstanding mystery wide open. Her video shows "the elusive unicorn [ahem, one of her mini-horses] in his natural habitat," the video's text overlay states. The video then shows the "unicorn" getting a wash and a haircut, which "keeps him safe from predators during the winter months," the text reads. It looks like Amy even put some rainbow hair dye in the horse's mane to complete the look. 

Over 1 million people have watched the video. "Omg, I’m dying! This is the best thing I’ve seen all day," @baizeebaby77 wrote. "When does this nature series come to Netflix?" @blckpnthr89 teased. "OMG he’s a real life Starlight!!! He just needs Rainbow Brite!" @katrinacribbevere added. 

And overwhelmingly people wanted to see the final results. In a second part of the series, Amy revealed her mini-horse's otherworldly transformation. Despite a little rain, this unicorn was definitely shining bright. 

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As for the horse's sometimes-missing unicorn horn, the text states that "unicorns can sometimes damage their horn but will quickly grow it back in seven to ten business days."

There you have it! Mystery solved.

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