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Video of Miniature Cow Brothers Snuggling Each Other Is Nothing Short of Precious

If you have siblings, you probably remember what it was like growing up. Playing, followed by some fighting and of course, a hug to work it out. But more often than not, you wouldn't want anything to do with each other. That's how it normally goes! So on the rare occasions when you did get along, your parents would soak it in, capturing the moment on camera. That's where all the photos in the house come from. LOL! And we assume it's no different for animal siblings. 

Animals probably butt heads, just as we do, and then they also have their lovey dovey moments too. But something tells us they're more lovey than we are. Just take a look at this video of two miniature cow brothers from TikTok user @minimooos. Their human mom captured the most precious moment of the two of them. It makes us believe they get along more often than human siblings. And plus, it's giving off some serious brotherly love energy and we are obsessed! 

Stop it!! We can't think of any video cuter than this. For starters, miniature cows with long hair?! They seriously look like dogs! And then watching them snuggle each other makes us want to be there snuggling too. Add these calves to our list of animals we need in our lifetime! 

We aren't the only ones who are obsessed. How could you not be?! @Erin Carter159 said, "And I've never needed a cow more than I do in this moment." Right?! Who knew they'd be so snuggly? We didn't! "Omg I want a minimoo," commented @officialkendra5. We have a feeling mini moos are about to be the most popular pet. LOL! @joylutzrvt_sonographer added, "Imagine cuddling the little moos in that field." Ugh, that's our new dream!

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And for those of you who are serious about these cows, the creator said these cows are the HighParks breed and are meant to be pets. Say no more, we're getting one. Or better yet, we're following what @Jessica Allen said. She wrote, "I need a million 😭😭." Same! 

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