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Miniature Donkey Expresses Love for Mom in the Sweetest Way

All animal lovers know that there nothing is better than an enthusiastic greeting from their pets. Seeing their adorable faces and having them nuzzle up against your hand as you're petting them is a surefire way to improve your mood. One woman's farm animal does every time he sees her, and their interaction it too sweet to miss.

TikTok user @onehappyassfarm recently shared a video of one of the miniature donkeys on her farm to show viewers the adorable way he runs to greet her at the pasture fence. Check out the amazing video to see how much love this donkey has for his momma!

Awww, this is so sweet, and we love the noises the donkey made as he galloped over to her! We know this woman must appreciate these lovely greetings from her donkey. This would brighten anyone's day!

People in the comments were amazed at how much this donkey missed his mom. @stephen2.22 said, "Yes, I'd say he was very happy to see you..." and @iamwon1023 commented, "Someone missed you!" This little donkey requires a daily greeting and head scratches from his mom!

Others fell head over heels for this donkey. @kareniam1 commented, "That voice is so precious! He is SO adorable!" and @themrsferguson said, "Oh my goodness, this makes my heart smile." We can totally understand how this little guy is capturing so many hearts!

It's wonderful to see farm animals form bonds with their owners. It shows they are well taken care of and shown plenty of love. We hope everyone has the opportunity to experience a bond like this woman has with her donkey!

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