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Miniature Pincher's Reaction to Getting Kisses From Mom Is Everything

There is an inherent need to get love and positive attention from one's mom, and there is no better feeling than receiving this. Dog parents understand this well because many of our pups are in constant demand of our affection, just like one dog in this video that the internet can't get enough of.

TikTok user @miniaturepinscherlili recently shared a video of her Miniature Pincher, Lili, getting some love from her momma. In the video, this pup gets jealous of her mom giving kisses to a stuffed animal and demands some for herself. Check out the video to see this adorable moment!

Awww, this is so cute! We are obsessed with the way Lili rubs her head on her mom's chin after the first few kisses. There is truly nothing that compares to a mother's love!

People in the comments think this is a fantastic display of love. @donkeyhotay_ said, "Aww. That baby loves you. This is wonderful," and @sylviashirleygrace commented, "Your baby loves you so much. So sweet!" The bond between this pup and her momma is so precious!

Others in the comments think Lili is dramatic for being jealous of the stuffed animal. @ecl1pse.d commented, "This is exactly why I cannot get another puppy because my fur baby is the same way," and @samantha.yg97 said, "My dog is as dramatic, LOL." We think it's very sweet when our pups get jealous because they don't want to share our love with anyone else!

Lili's reaction is so good that we can't stop watching this video. She clearly appreciates her mom! We hope Lili is smothered in kisses from her mom all day, everyday.

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