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Miranda Lambert Adopts a Shelter Cat in Video That Has People So Moved

Every rescue story is headline-worthy in our eyes, but this particular adoption has the country music world purring. We're not sure who's luckier--Miranda Lambert or her new kitty!

The singer-songwriter recently posted a video on her TikTok account of her first introduction with Steve Ravioli Rodgers, the cat she'd chosen to adopt. Needless to say, her fans are going bonkers for the adorable kitty and his even cuter name.  Plus, it's a great reminder to adopt, don't shop! Take a look for yourself to see the two meet for the very first time. 

Is it just us, or does it seem like a match made in heaven to you, too? That cat wasn't even phased by being picked up by someone new! He must know it's his new mama.

"Well, that was easy," @crankyankee commented on the video. "I think the kitty adopted a country singer. good luck 😽." LOL! It's totally true, though--Mr. Rogers seemed to adopt her as much as she adopted him! Let's just say he chose well. 

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"Cat is about to have a better life than most of us. 😂❤️," wrote @kokobutter6590. You're not wrong! There certainly are perks to being the pet of a country music superstar, and this feline is about to find out what they are. "Well," @koosawmb summed it up. "That cat just hit the freaking jackpot 😻." He sure did! 

We like to think that Miranda did, too. Adopting a pet is such a rewarding experience, and her fans love that she's using her platform to advocate for such a worthy cause. @Floridadebbi wrote, "I love and respect that you are such an avid, loyal advocate. Thank you. For all you do." Exactly!

These comments go to show that even one pet adoption can make a difference in more lives than you realize. "Thank you for adopting from a shelter and giving your kitty a new life ❤️," said @catsofsanbernadino. We wish them nothing but the best in this next chapter of their lives together. 

Adopt, don't shop!

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