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Woman's Emotional Reunion With Her Cat After 3 Years Apart Is Just Beautiful

Every pet parent's greatest fear is being unable to find their pet if they get out of the house. Knowing out babies are scared and alone out in the world is so heartbreaking, and the fear that some harm may come to them is paralyzing. One woman shared the emotional journey of finding her fur baby after he was lost for a long time in this incredible video.

TikTok user @delainyphoto recently shared a video of her black and white cat, Cosmo, who went missing in August of 2019. Cosmo's mom did everything she could to find him, but never had any luck until she received a life changing phone call 3 years later. Check out the video to see how she and Cosmo were finally reunited!

Oh my goodness, we are so happy for Cosmo and his momma! We can't imagine how overjoyed and relieved those two must have been to finally be reunited. We are so thankful that Cosmo is safe and sound with his family again.

People in the comments are loving this happy ending story. @kirby_j said, "Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you!" and @hsfacsteacher commented, "I'm so happy he's back home! Praying he remembers and feels better." We hope every missing pet gets the same happy ending as Cosmo!

The kitty's mom shared an update on Cosmo to show how he is adjusting to being back home. In the video below, you can see he is still scared from his time that he was lost, but he is clearly feeling comfortable with his mom and relearning what it means to have a home.

Wow, this is just beautiful. Cosmo is so loved by his momma, and she will do everything she can to make sure he is safe, loved, and comfortable. Soon enough, he won't have a worry in the world besides wondering how many treats he will get with dinner. Welcome home, Cosmo!

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