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Lost Long Island Cat Returns Home in Hilarious and Unexpected Way

A missing pet is one of the worst things imaginable. You spend hours, days, even weeks searching for them, calling them back home and posting fliers. You would do anything to just have them safely back in your arms. At some point, all you have to do is hope they'll return because believe it or not, it can happen.

A New York news station reposted a clip to their TikTok account @abc7ny of how a Long Island family recently had luck on their side. The family's poor cat was missing for over a week. But then out of nowhere, she made it home and how she alerts the family that she's return is unheard of! 

Wow! Can you believe that?! The family must've been so shocked to see their cat, but also so relieved! Although, you have to wonder how the cat knew how to get home. And to ring a doorbell! LOL! 

"The joy in her voice!!!!" wrote @beeehatch. No seriously, you can tell the cat was so happy to be home too! And we have to agree with @caitlynbriannabar's comment. She said, "It said mom I swear." Trust us, you're not hearing things. LOL! The cat 100% said, "Mom, I'm home."

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Another TikTok user, @yndie762, said, "Such a beautiful moment! So happy she is safe now." Us too! We bet this cat got a million and one treats, as she deserves. We love a happy ending!


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