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Video of the Moment Couple Realizes Their Missing Dog Found Her Way Home Has Us Sobbing

There are few things as heartbreaking as losing a pet. Your whole world crashes down when you realize they might've escaped the house. You hold onto hope that they'll find their way back home, but as each day goes by, it's harder to keep that spirit up. 

TikTok user @morganjonesmessina's family went through the process of losing a dog. It was a very difficult three days for them as they thought their fur baby was missing. But then out of nowhere a beautiful surprise returned home. The security camera captured their reactions and it will seriously make you cry.

Aww, we're so glad this dog found his way home! Even though you can't see the dog returning home in the clip, the sounds of the owners are enough to know how they are feeling. Shrieks of relief! 

You bet your bottom dollar that we've been sobbing over this video and we're not the only ones. @user9753709696652 said, "Bawling in my coffee!! Been there and know the emotions all too well. So happy she made it home!!!!" Such a bittersweet way to start the day, but we'll gladly take the happy endings any day of the week!

"I love people who love their dogs as much as any other family member. So happy for you!" wrote @ingriddinsmore. Their cries when the dog returned home are proof that the dog is very much part of that family. In our eyes, all dogs are family members! We hope this family is smothering the doggo with love and treats. And again, we're so happy they've reunited! 


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