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Corgi’s Sweet Reaction to Mom Bringing Her Bed Outside for Her Is Too Precious

Every now and then, even the most seasoned pet owner will look at their resting dog and wonder "how is that comfortable?" Perhaps they're in an awkward position, with their legs stuck straight in the air; or maybe they just chose a weird place to nap. 

One Corgi mama has this exact reaction when her buddy, Willo, decided to rest in the sunny backyard...on a bed of hot garden rocks. Why this pup chose this spot we'll never understand, but her appreciative reaction needs no explanation. Devon, better known as @devonandwillo on TikTok, is one lucky Corgi mum! 

Just look at that thank you--she's precious! Viewers are loving that Devon took the time not only to bring Willo her bed but to give her some rubs and scratches too, and by the looks of it, Willo loves it too. She thanks her mama with a cuddle and a lick on the face, which is clearly the highlight of this sweet moment. 

Some TikTok commenters are jealous of the bond these two have, and we don't blame them. User @whistlepiggins said, "Why is your corgi so appreciative of everything? Mine would get up and walk across the yard from me with full side eye", to which @footinmouthgirl replied, "So that's where my corgi-mix gets that from! She can look SO offended!" 

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Corgi owners--can you relate? Or is your furry friend more like Willo?

Other viewers were more focused on how Devon helped Willo beat the heat. Commenter @mamakat7272 praised her: "Such a good dog mama!!" We couldn't agree more. 

Another user had a great idea for helping the pup stay cool while sunbathing. @stardew.panda recommended that Devon, "get her one of those outdoor cooling pads for dogs". A great idea, indeed! Cooling pads for dogs are an affordable, portable option for beating the heat, though Devon did perfectly with what she had at the moment. Willo looks so comfy and grateful!

We could watch this adorable interaction on repeat, and in fact, we just might! @Hudsonhoundstooth summed it up perfectly with their comment: “This is pawfect, pawfect, pawfect 🥰”. It sure is! 

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