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Mom Finally Brings Home Her Late Daughter's Horse in Emotional Video

Losing a child is never easy, but with the comfort and support of other family members, it can make healing from that pain less lonely. Animals can also offer a big source of comfort because you know their pets miss your loved ones as well. One mom lost her daughter seven years ago and is finally able to take a crucial healing step with the help of her daughters pet.

TikTok user @mrscrise recently shared a video of the moment she was finally able to bring her deceased daughter's horse, Thunder, home from a boarding facility. This user said that she had to board him for the last six years, but Thunder is now able to live with her on the farm and join her healing journey as she continues to mourn her daughter. Check out the video to see this lovely moment that is sure to make you emotional.

Wow, we are overcome with emotions! We feel so sorry for their loss, but we are very glad they are reunited and able to comfort each other. It couldn't have been easy to board Thunder after her daughter's passing, but that is all in the past now! 

People in the comments shared how beneficial it will be for them to have each other now. @jamierozman said, "You and her horse will give each other healing and a sense of closure, but the memories will remain in your hearts." Another user, @dollylamamomma, commented, "Remember, he missed her too. He needs you, and you him. It sounds silly, but animals have feelings as well." This reunion is sure to benefit both the horse and deceased's mother!

Others offered their condolences. @0familyforever0 commented, "So sorry for your loss. I know your pain all to well with my son. Stay strong!" and @mamag_ said, "So sorry you lost your baby girl. She would love that you are taking care of Thunder. Bless you, sweet mama." We love how supportive everyone is being as this Mom shares her healing journey!

We know Thunder's mom is looking down on them and relieved he is finally with his grandmother. Those two will make each other very happy to be reunited!

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