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Daughter's Emotional Reaction to Mom Buying Her a Horse Is As Sweet As It Gets

Any former or current horse girl knows what it's like to dream about having her very own horse. For many, it seems like a far-off reality or a goal for later in life, but for one girl, it's a dream come true. 

Equestrian @karynwittek captured the heartwarming moment that changed the girl's life, and now all of TikTok is celebrating with her. It was the best surprise gift from mom to daughter! Viewers from around the world are reaching for the tissues after watching the girl's emotional reaction--us included!

Our hearts can't handle the sweetness! We adore how happy the girl is to be Drakaina's new owner, and we can't help but think the horse looks rather pleased, too.

"The way [her] ears perked up 🥰🥰🥰," noticed viewer @michimich24. It was the best! We have no doubt that Drakaina knew something amazing was going on. Her energy matched the vibe so perfectly!

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Even other equestrians love this sweet moment. It even reminded @cristy_vandenhende of her own experience! She wrote, "Awww that’s how I felt w my horse when I was 12! 😭😭😭Drakaina will be loved. I got goose bumps 🥺." So did we! The horse's former owner was enchanted by this mother-daughter duo, too--she wasn't even planning on selling Drakaina.

As she explained in a comment reply, "That’s why I couldn’t pass it up. I wasn’t even trying to sell her but when this home came up I knew it was a match." It wasn't just a match, but a match made in heaven.

"My heart," commented @danifitzherbert. "You can see how much she loves her already ❤️." You totally can! Her emotional reaction says it all--and it was so sweet how she went straight to her new bestie! 

We know Drakaina is in for so much love in her new home. It's so beautiful to see! 

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