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Mom's Kind Gesture After Mama Cat Loses Her Kittens Is Warming People's Hearts

For many pet owners, it's probably crossed your mind at least once or twice to add another furry friend to the family. And that could be due to several different reasons. One of the main reasons is to give your current pet another sibling so they're not lonely. Plus, it will keep them young and active. Another reason might be just because one is never enough! Although that idea of adding another pet sometimes never comes into play, which we totally understand. Pets are a lot of work! But one TikToker knew her cat was very much in need of another furry friend and she decided to act. 

TikTok user @ginahasacat's cat named Lulu, unfortunately, lost her kittens. We can't even imagine. That's a loss that no one and no pet should ever have to go through. To help with Lulu's broken heart, her owner decided to buy her a kitten. So thoughtful! You'll be shedding a tear over how cute her cat's reaction is to the kitten. Can you say instant BFFs?

Aww! It took these two fluff balls no time at all to adjust to each other. The love between them both was pouring out. And Lulu instantly went into mom mode, taking the kitten under her wing with no hesitation. Too cute! 

We hope this TikToker wasn't expecting the new kitten to be for her because it's clearly Lulu's baby! Just as @kazuhaobsess1on wrote, "That's now her kitten forever." Yes, yes, yes, yes! The way she welcomed her in like it was her own. And all the licking of the kitten, ugh our hearts! This video is truly warming up our hearts. "I'm out here crying on the subway," said @trashohr. We think everyone is out here crying from this clip! Worth it though! 

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"This is purrrfect! Together 2 halves make a whole ❤️," commented @Tina Hamden. And they clearly both needed each other to feel whole again! It doesn't matter if they're blood-related or not, they'll care for each other forever and always. 

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