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Video of Mom Caring for Abandoned Baby Hummingbird Is Impossible to Resist

Raising a baby bird takes oh-so-much care, but one woman is taking it all in stride after finding and rescuing a baby hummingbird from her yard. TikToker @v.koral's mom first came face to face with the little one after its mother left it on her front porch plant, and the duo has been thriving ever since. 

When @v.koral made this video, her mom had been caring for the baby bird for just over two weeks. With regular feeding, consistent warmth, and lots of love, the fledgling is growing more and more every day. But the cutest part about this video? Koral's mom's love for her little companion. 

Can you believe how tiny the baby is? It must be as light as a feather! Kudos to Koral's mom for being so gentle, and for giving the little one the coziest environment. The time and effort she's putting in are definitely paying off. 

We positively adore the handmade crochet nest that she made for the bird. It looked so comfy, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't want a human-sized one to snuggle up in ourselves. It turns out that some of the commenters feel the same way! 

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"Custom nest 🥺 hand feed 🥺 …if I was that bird I’m staying 😅," wrote @realtorsnava. Right?! This baby is getting all the TLC they deserve. 

Still, there were commenters who were concerned about the hummingbird's nutritional needs. Since then, though, Koral posted an update about her mom's buddy, and it's crazy to see how much it's grown in just a few days!

It's so cute how the bird feels safe hanging out on her hand! Plus, it's serving major Disney princess vibes. Could it get any better? 

We can only hope Koral and her mom will be back with updates. 

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