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Video of Mom and Kids Finding Unexpected Creature in Backyard Creek Is Going Viral

We promise after watching this video, you'll never let your children play in a creek again without being extra cautious. TikTok user @missy_del was outside playing with the kids by the water in her backyard. Everything seemed normal until her daughter spotted something unusual in the water. 

Her daughter went over to try and pick up the strange thing in the water with her hands. Two little toddlers were right next to her, curious to see what it was. She wasn't strong enough, so they eventually got a net to find out what was stuck in the water. When you see what she found, you'll realize how lucky she was that she or her kids didn't get hurt. It was a close one! 

Wow, they really did get lucky because that creature turned out to be a snapping turtle! This makes us this twice about playing in a local creek, or at least one where we can't see the bottom! "I don't know what the heck I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't a snappy turtle! 😳," said @Twinkie. Same here! 

"Oh wow, that could have been really bad for either one of them," commented @Diana Thomas. The creator responded by saying, "I know! I didn’t know how close they were to it until I went back and watched my videos I took 😱." They probably never expected to have a snapping turtle in their backyard, so why not dig around! Plus, kids' minds are so curious and you want them to explore. But we'll bet they'll be a little more cautious next time they're out by the water. @Murmaaider added, "He could have bit his whole leg off. Or her hand. My god! Bowser don't play." So scary! 

But also, the little girl was so cute with what she said at the end! @Secret.Pudding rewrote what she said, "'He’s saying thank you because you got him out.' Him: 👹." LOL. We think she's slightly off based on the turtle's expression, but we love her optimism.