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Mom's Reaction To Her Golden's Morning Routine Has People Cracking Up

Once you get a dog, you can pretty much kiss those easy, restful, mornings goodbye.  Nope, now you're stuck going for 6 am walkies and making sure your pup's food dish is full. No one would argue that caring for a pet isn't worth the sacrifice, but we're sure that one woman has her doubts after seeing what her Golden Retriever does every single morning.

The Wisconsin-based TikTok creator @winnie_and_ferg recently shared a typical morning in her house, in a video that's been watched over 6 million times. The footage shows her dog Winnie doing her morning routine. That's right, squeaky toy in her mouth, Winnie repeatedly tapped her mom on the head looking for a little attention. "Every. Morning," @winnie_and_ferg wrote in the video's caption. We can tell that this human has completely had it by the completely exasperated way she reacted.

People in the comments section could feel this woman's pain. "This is the dog equivalent of 'MOM, mom, Mom, MOM, MOM, mom, MOM!!! Look what I can do!'” @larrylovescuddles wrote. “'CAN’YOU HEAR IT MOM??😳 Hang on I’ll bring closer to your ear,'" @loungeman joked. "Oh honey I feel your pain. Mine does the same thing," @user541580000 chimed in. "The things we do for our children," @teddynitro mused.

No one said it was easy to be a pet parent. In fact, we're pretty sure it's not for the weak. 

But despite the pain of caring for your animal when they're at their neediest, we're sure that every single one of these pet owners would do it all over again.... Or perhaps they've learned the same lesson that @ph3nix81 did — "Test the toys first and ask yourself, "can I live with this noise constantly in my ear?'" she suggested.