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Mom’s Genius Plan to Keep Hawks Away From Her Little Dog Is Just Too Funny

A video on TikTok is the epitome of #LittleDogProblems and dog owners everywhere can probably relate. All @technical_difficulty (or Karen) wanted was to keep her Chihuahua safe while out on walks, but the solution she came up with looks just a tad unusual. Of course, the internet had a LOT to say about it, even going as far as to dub the pup a "hedge-dog" (that's hedgehog + dog fyi).

As Karen showed in the recent footage, she was just a bit nervous about letting her dog go out. Her biggest fear: hawks. Hence the special jacket she placed on her dog — and yes, there are spikes involved. "You aren't scared of no hawk!" a woman's voice could be heard saying off-screen. "Hawks should be scared of you! The hawks should be scared of YOU!" 

People in the comments section couldn't help but tease the dog mom about her dog's unique jacket. "He's opening for Metallica in a half hour, this is his warm up walk," @vulgar_display_of_power_ wrote. "Seagulls took my wife and children back in 2015," @nath_suth joked. "Its a hedge-dog," @tazo_razzel wrote. "Looking real Mad Max right now," @fosterflailing mused.

While other people thought the spiky jacket was brilliant. "Great idea! I am going to keep it in mind for my small dogs," @christinaladas235 commented. "Did you just turn your dog into a porcupine? Genius!" @amanda__deschamps agreed. "I love this so much. That baby is gonna be safe from that mean 'ole bird," @leeleegirl1985 wrote.

Sadly, precautions like this are sort of necessary. As one commenter, @junosplace, later shared, "After my dog was attacked at dog event a friend ordered this for me." 

So while it might seem silly, making sure your dog is safe is always a good look.