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Mom Interrupts Cat and 'Her Boyfriend' in Downright Hilarious Video

First dates are filled with nervous energy and of course awkward moments. That is as expected though. You're with a person you might barely know. As much as you might want someone with you on the date to make it a little less scary, sometimes it's best to face it alone, especially if the date runs smoothly. That's why this one city kitty was so upset her mom ruined her date. 

TikTok user @cleothecitykitty was having a very private date, right behind the window curtain away from her roommates of the house. Her date was on the other side of the window doing his job, window washing. Ok, so maybe only Cleo thought it was a date. LOL! But either way Cleo's mom opened the curtain and walked in on the cat's private time. And Cleo was not having it! Her reaction is on point! 

LMAO! Even if Cleo wasn't on a date, she deserved her alone time. Her reaction is how any of us would be - angry, upset, embarrassed. All of the emotions rolled into one. Cleo really came running over to her mom to tell her off. LOL! 

@ponyponytails commented, "You're interrupting her little date, mom." Yeah, get outta there mom! @thee_formuoli added, "😂😂 She said “I wasn’t doin nothin 😾." She's an independent kitty, she doesn't need supervision 24/7! Or maybe Cleo was a little nervous her mom was going to swoop in. As @razzelfrazzel said, "She doesn't want you to come between her and her man 😂." LOL! She saw him first and in her world, it's first come first served! 

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We're honestly impressed by Cleo. She was able to pick up a man who speaks a different language and she's never met him in person, only through a window. LOL! We have to agree with @naturalhabitatphoto who said, "Cleo needs to be giving relationship advice." Seriously, we could all use it! 

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