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Mom Holds on to Special Keepsake to Remember Her Dog Who Passed and We Can’t Handle It

There's never a right way to handle grief. We all have our own ways of healing. Including one TikTok creator, whose unique way of dealing with her Golden Retriever's passing has caught a lot of attention online. "It doesn’t get easier," @s.painter757 explained in her video's caption.

The admission came after the creator shared the reason why she always keeps some unusual objects in her car. "Why do you always keep an old blanket and McDonald's bag in your trunk?" she wrote in the onscreen text, reiterating a question she's surely received many times. The video then cuts to footage of her Golden, Chevy, eating a hamburger. "It was his last meal," @s.painter757 explained — and the blanket was what he ate his last meal on. "Two years without you today," she added in the caption.

The comments section was a mess after watching the TikToker's video. "Now I’m remembering my dog I lost in 2021," @edwardelric345 commented. "The way he looked at you, like he knew," @j201ay added. "So very sad...they are with us for such a short while," @yeseniaavila821. "Today was the official day....... one damn year without my best friend," @snix_pix_98 shared. 

One commenter even suggested that @s.painter757 put the McDonald's bag in a shadow box for safe keeping – and she took their advice. "Thank you all for your suggestions," she wrote in the caption of a second video on her page. "The bag is now safe in the shrine."

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Okay, well now we're really going to cry. Pass the Kleenex!

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