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This Mom Takes Pet Parenthood To The Next Level With Dog's Art

We all think our human and fur children are the most perfect beings to walk this Earth since time began (and all of us are right), but we each have different ways of showing our adoration. Some spoil their loved ones with gifts or sweet words, while others praise and admire nearly everything they do. For Hailey Denny's mom, though, all of the above work just fine.

The TikToker, who goes by @dennysrestaurant on the app, couldn't resist documenting her mom's epic way of displaying their family dog's artwork. It's extra AF and absolutely perfect--no wonder the clip has over 1.5 million views! 

Hailey's mom isn't even in the video and we already know we love her. This is the amount of extra so many pet parents aspire to be--who knew it was that easy? 

"Stoppp 'about the artist' 😭😂," @tenipanosian said in the comments section. Isn't it the cutest thing? Not only did Hailey's mom print out a picture of Nugget, the mixed-breed artist in question, but she wrote him a whole biography, too! Like Hailey said in the video's caption, Mom "really saw paw-tential in his work." It makes absolute sense, though--the painting is so cute! 

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Clearly, the commenters agree. @Haruna.neko asked, "he take commissions?" Judging by the thousands of viewers who liked this comment, Nugget absolutely should take commissions. He already has so many fans! 

Since so many commenters were impressed and baffled by Nuggets ability to make such a lovely painting, Hailey updated everyone with a sneak peek into their process.

How stinkin' cute--and easy--is this? All Hailey had to do was paint the background of the canvas, then place blobs of paint for Nugget to "brush" on the top layer. She put the paint-covered canvas inside a Ziploc bag and smeared some peanut butter on top. Nugget and his licking did all the rest! 

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