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Helpful Video Shows Mom's Trick to Prepare Her Dog To Meet the New Baby

Before welcoming a new baby into your home (and lives), there's a lot you'll need to do to prepare. Buy a carseat, prepare the nursery, keep up with doctor's appointments...but what about your furry friend? 

TikToker and new mom @the_oakie_dokie recently went viral for her helpful video about preparing dogs for the arrival of a new human sibling. She used her Harlequin Great Dane, Daphne, and her new son as the models for the masterpiece, and it's everything this world needs! This goes to show that a well-prepared dog and some smart, watchful parents can really make a difference in the relationship between kids and the family pets.

Good girl, Daphne! Clearly, her mom's work paid off after the arrival of her son, and we think they all deserve a round of applause. Proper, thorough dog training (including desensitization like Daphne and her mom practiced) starts with puppyhood and is a lot more work than many anticipate. But this family has done amazingly!

We're not the only ones who think so, either. TikTok comments flooded with positivity and praise--just like @vanessa_dklein's heartfelt response. "Thank you for this," she said. "I am due in October and fear my fur baby will feel left out and want him to be included. He has been my only child until🤰🏻." If Daphne and her family aren't proof enough, let us tell you, too--you can totally do it, and everyone will acclimate just fine!

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"I have 2 Danes," @floridamom93 added. "They both are AMAZING around our newest baby. One loves to lay her head on him, the other prefers next to, but not touching." That's so cute! There's no doubt that baby will grow up with two loyal best friends--just like @the_oakie_dokie's son! 

Since her first video was such a success, Daphne's mom posted a second video about the way she introduced her two babies. 

It's just as helpful and sweet as the first--10/10 recommend!

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