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Mom Records Her Dog's 'Good Morning' Greetings for a Week and It's Just Too Good

Every morning when we wake up, we greet our pets, which usually includes a short conversation about the plans for the day or the weather. Our pets don't respond, of course. At least, they usually don't, but one dog seems to be the exception to this!

TikTok user @thebernerbunch recently posted a video of her Bernese Mountain Dog, Weller, responding to her "good morning" greeting every morning for a whole week. This pup replies with his own "good morning" and the results are amazing. Check out the video to see how Weller talks to his mom every morning!

WOW! This Berner is something else! You can really tell he is saying "good morning" to his mom based on the rhythm and cadence he uses, which is the same each morning. It's also too funny how he grumbled at his mom Tuesday morning because he was annoyed with her. We love this!

People in the comments thought these greetings were the perfect way to wake up each morning. @krissyshuller said, "Love it! What is it with these Berner yawns! Mine makes the funniest noises when he yawns!" and @jwuff commented, "Please, I need to see his good mornings every day for the rest of my life now." Totally understandable, we need to watch videos of Weller's "good morning" greetings every morning now to get us ready for the day!

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Others  thought his sass on Tuesday was hilarious. @life.of.huckleberry commented, "He was trying to tell you off on Tuesday but his tail betrayed him," and @charlenemariona said, "He needed his coffee on Tuesday." We don't blame Weller for being grumpy, you try being polite before eating or drinking anything for the day!

Weller's morning greetings are amazing to watch, and we are so impressed with his ability to convey what he is saying so clearly! This is one smart pup for sure.

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