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Mom's Touching Story of Rescuing a Baby Skunk Is the Kindness Lesson We All Need

A woman's story of how she and her daughter rescued a newborn skunk is touching heats across the internet. Meg Smith knew that the abandoned skunk they found on their bike ride deserved to be saved. But she had no idea that the lengths she went to to save the animals would receive such glowing praise online. 

As Smith (@megsrn83) explained in her video, the temperature was a whopping 108 degrees outside when they found the wounded baby. "Barely breathing, covered in mud, and hard to wake up," she wrote in the video's text overlay. Her daughter knew the skunk's life "was precious and worth fighting for." The poor animal was covered in ant bites and after taking him home and caring for him for a few hours, he finally woke up. 

They even gave him a name — Skittles! They ultimately decided to bring Skittles to a rehabilitation center that specializes in skunks so that Skittles can get the help that he sorely needs. 

Over 1.3 million people have tuned into Smith's video and people were so invested. "God bless your heart for being there to save your life," @giggy2013 commented. "I love Skittles already," @blondiegirl1174 chimed in. "You taught your children an amazing lesson. God bless," @pmpkn1984 wrote. "From a licensed rehabber THANK YOU!!!!!" @critterridgesanctuary added.

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A second video on Smith's page shows little Skittles "exploring" their home while safely on a blanket. And it's so cute! "Our baby skunk Skittles," the caption reads.

Every animal deserves to be loved and cared for — including baby skunks!

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