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People are Cracking Up Over Video of Donkey 'Singing' With His Mama in The Morning

Some people are just morning people. They start every day with pep and vigor — and perhaps a laugh or two. A donkey on TikTok is definitely an early bird. As can totally be seen in a video online, where his happy attitude has proven to be infectious.

Monty is a 28-year-old donkey who is known for his melodic voice. Every morning he greets his owner,  @montethesingingdonkey with a little tune (i.e., braying). And now their daily ritual has gotten a lot of attention online. "Good morning, Monty!" his owner can heard saying from behind the camera. And Monty responds with one gut-busting tune. 

In the caption, the woman explained that Monty was wearing fly boots (and a fly mask) to keep him protected from bugs while he slept. He "can see just fine," she wrote. "His legs are wrapped lovingly in fly boots. All of the biting bugs keep off of him this way. So stop being rude," she added.

People in the comments section were cracking up over Monty's morning song. "Love it! Hello Monty!! That is definitely a way to start your day and make it a great day," @pfinch159 wrote. "He’s that friend that starts talking about all his whoas before you can say hi," @mommabear888888 teased. “'Mama I am in need of some attention' lol," @alieleann quipped.

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What we wouldn't give to be greeted by Monty every morning. We love his beautiful voice!

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