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Video of Moose Blocking Man's 'Door Dash' Order Is Total 'Alaska Problems'

Delivery drivers can sometimes find themselves in some pretty crazy situations. When they drive all over their town and meet a wide variety of people, it can bring about some pretty strange experiences. One person ordered food for delivery and their Door Dash driver ran into an unexpected roadblock.

TikTok user @jamothecat recently shared a video of the dilemma their Door Dash driver encountered when trying to drop off the meal in Anchorage, Alaska. In the video, there is a moose standing in the customer's yard and preventing the delivery driver from safely walking the food to the door! Check out the video to see this big moose causing some major problems.

LOL, this is too funny! That moose was cool as a cucumber as he sat and munched on the tree leaves, but we would not be eager to approach this big fella to complete the delivery. Hopefully they were able to come up with a safe solution to complete the order!

People in the comments cracked some jokes about this funny situation. @yo_gabai_gabai said, "Just tell the Dasher to answer his riddles already," and @atomictimetrip joked, "That's where the Dash part comes in." This crazy situation is definitely cause for some laughs!

Others commented potential solutions to this antlered issue. @tlccali commented, "Can you remote unlock your car and have the dasher throw it in there?" Another user, @djs29062 said, "Dude. Looks like it’s gonna be cold cereal for dinner." We think it's time to try ordered Door Dash another day and just take the loss!

Luckily, we've never ran into any moose when ordering food for delivery, though some particularly vicious geese have given us a run for our money before. This is definitely problem exclusive to the northernmost parts of the continent!

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