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Man's Gentle Encounter With a Moose in Sweden Is Fascinating to Watch

Most of us have never seen a moose out in the wild before, so we have no idea how we would react if one got too close. But that doesn't seem to be the problem for one man online from Sweden, who was so incredibly chill when a moose approached him in the wild.

The mystical moment was captured by @moosefoto on TikTok, who shares so many wonderful videos on his page. In this clip, both man and moose seem to be totally calm as they meet. 

Have you ever seen anything so cool in your life? This man has no fear when it comes to the extra-large animal. In fact, it's a pretty peaceful scene. "Moose magic of Algmannen," the video's caption reads. And yep, magic is the best word to describe what's going on here. 

The video has since been watched over 300,000 times and people in the comments section were totally in awe. "To be loved by an animal unconditionally is so magical and healing," @roseeclovers wrote. "OMG! I’m so jealous! Wish this was me!!! What an amazing creature!!" @kimwehrheim exclaimed. "It's not too often that somebody could just have a relationship with a moose," @chestermcnabb7 added. "An amazing creature! I guess they like affection, too," @texasbluebonnet3 chimed in. 

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Although another commenter had a warning that people should definitely take note of: "PLEASE EVERYONE REMEMBER wild animals are wild. On a rare occasion they can be like this, BUT it is not the usual," @angelwoods1967 wrote. 

Which is a very good point! You should always be cautious when approaching animals in the wild — or better yet, leave these animals alone and enjoy them from a distance.

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