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Mama Cat's Epic Reaction to Dad Meeting Kittens for the First Time Is Going Viral

Aww. Being a first time dad is such a special thing, and that applies whether you're a human, cat, or anything in between! And one video of a proud daddy cat meeting his kittens for the first time is going viral on TikTok with 8.8 million views because of his sweet, yet confused reaction, coupled with the way mama reacts.

The audio on the clip says, "When you wake up and realize you are a father." As the video begins, you'll see the cat walk cautiously into the room where the mother cat and her babies are. What papa cat and mama cat do next is all-too-human-like.

He stopped right in his tracks, as if to say, "Are those really mine? Ok, now what?!" And it was so great how mama cat was staring him down like, "Yeah, you did this!" Haha! TikTok users can't get enough of this precious little kitty family. @susanna.lodge commented on mama cat's reaction, saying, "Momma cat be like: do something useful then 😆." And @Scott added, "She's looking at him like he’s missed years of child support." LOL! @Sammy Jones chimed in with, "She’s looking at him like, “you better come get your kids." Then, @rogervernonsmith noted that daddy cat seemed to be a bit puzzled, saying, "He’s completely confused and hungover."

The creator of the video, @Lula and Luli promises to share more of their sweet moments with the world, saying, "They are so adorable. I am going to post their cat life here 🥰."

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Here's a sweet new video of mama with her babies from a few days ago.

Fingers crossed that dad is adjusting to parenthood just as well as she is! 

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