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Hiker's Video of Mountain Lion Watching Him on a Trail Serves As an Important Reminder

In the summer, you might be trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. But a trending video on TikTok is a good reminder that you always need to be aware of your surroundings if you want to stay safe. The footage, captured by creator Austin Simmons (@austin_simmons47), shows what happened when he had an unexpected visitor on his recent hike. Thankfully, Simmons was able to get away.

There's no way that Simmons could've predicted the direction that his hike was going to go in. But his recent trek was so stunning that it received thousands of views online. The footage shows Simmons walking on a trail and then cuts to what most would consider is the worst possible scenario. 

It was a mountain lion! Eek! "Always watch your back while hiking," he warned in the video's onscreen caption. "My weakness was thinking I could take him with my knife," he joked in the caption. 

The comments section were shocked. "My worst nightmare OMG," @shelbynoel12 commented. "Sorry but look at the stance… that thing was for sure hunting you bro…" @nicks_neature warned. "Bro you gave me a heart attack when you started running, that’s what they wait for," @purplestarfishmilk chimed in. "Dude I can do snakes, bears, cryptic stuff but mountain lions. HELL NAH," @taylor_delynn wrote. 

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According to the United States Forest Service, if you see a mountain lion while out on a hike it's always best to remain calm and maintain eye contact. "Do all you can to appear larger; Stand upright, raise your arms, raise your walking stick, open your jacket," the website advises. 

"If the lion behaves aggressively, wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice, and throw objects like the water bottle in your hand. The goal is to convince it that you are not prey and may be dangerous yourself," it reads. 

Remember, most mountain lions will avoid confrontation, so give them the chance to escape before taking action. And stay safe!

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