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Woman Makes a Tiny House for the Mouse That Lives in Her Wall and We're Here for It

TikTok user @jorgeregula222 realized her house had a guest that not too many people would be thrilled about. Instead of breaking out traps to get rid of the mouse, she decided to welcome the little critter in with open arms and meals. She first set up a mini cheeseboard for her new friend. And after seeing that success, she decided to do even more. 

This TikToker dedicated a whole space for this house guest in her most recent clip. She decorated the walls with the coolest tiny posters. This mouse even has a chair, bookshelf and crystals. Lol yes! She put out crystals for him. And for the main space, his own private dining area. What she puts out for him to eat is simply amazing. He's eating better than we are! 

O.M.G. Stop! She really went all out and found miniature housing items to decorate his space. She said in the caption that he was a little uneasy about the new location, but we'd say he was pleasantly surprised at his luck. Next time he comes over he'll have his suitcase with him, all ready to move in. LOL!

"PUT A BED SO HE CAN SLEEP IN IT," demanded @userurdad. Yes! With a pillow of course so he can be comfortable. Ha! Someone even suggested a little teddy bear. Ugh, our hearts would completely burst if we saw that! As for his next meal, we agree with @h00p3r14 who suggested, "You should make him a lil pizza next." Because well, who doesn't love pizza?!

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@staceymarie_01 said, "He seems very happy. So frkn cute. He's in mouse heaven." How could you not be in heaven? There's room service and homemade meals all for free. He's out here living the life!

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