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Mule's Reaction to Spotting a Grizzly Bear in the Backcountry Is Pretty Scary

TikTok user @amanda.caldwell was out in the backcountry with her mule named T-Bone. It was an ordinary and beautiful day with T-Bone taking her through the wooded trail. Or so she thought...

T-Bone's amazing hearing luckily came into play. He knew something was off and thankfully he listened to his gut. As it turns out, he spotted a grizzly bear in the backcountry, the TikToker said. Watch his reaction and you'll see why this clip has already reached over 1 million views within the first day. 

Wow! She's so lucky her mule was able to hear and spot a grizzly bear. That could've been a close call, but T-Bone took it upon himself to make sure they were safe. "T-Bone said, 'I'm big and bad, too,'" commented @pauley13. That's exactly what those noises were! 

Or maybe @avekemper has a better idea of what T-Bone was saying. The comment reads, "Translation, 'Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat belts and be ready. We WILL be having turbulence and if you fall off you're on your own.'" HA! Hey, at least T-Bone gave this TikToker a warning. He could've started running without her holding on. But, of course, that didn't happen. He's too good of a boy to let that happen! 

@melindacr21 wrote what was going through T-Bone's mind, "Ok, Bear, I'm gonna be nice and give you this one warning!!" T-Bone was more than ready to stand up to the bear if it came down to it. But luckily, they were able to get out safely! 


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