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Mystery Animal Rescued by Pennsylvania Woman

An unidentified animal was recently rescued when Christina Eyth, a Pennsylvania woman, found it scared and shivering beneath her porch.

What would you do if you found a could, shivering, unidentifiable animal on your doorstep? Would you shut the door and close the blinds? Would you call for help?

Christina Eyth, a woman from Fairfield Township, responded with courage and integrity when she recently found herself in one such situation. She noticed tracks on her doorstep, which she assumed were left by her neighbor's dog. After following them just for a moment, however, they led her beneath her porch, where she found a strange, dog-like animal exhibiting fearful behavior.

The only thing Eyth said she could think was "This animal needs help,"  as she lured the strange, canine-esque creature out of the cold and into her basement. Once she'd had a better look at the animal in the light, Eyth thought the critter must be some unusual breed of dog or a coyote.

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Eyth reported the animal to Wildlife Works, a local rescue, and transported it there for rehabilitation. However, the mystery animal's identity eluded staff at the rescue. The wildlife rehabilitators were unable to definitively say what the creature was, but decided to keep the animal under watch and have genetic testing done in case it turned out to be a coyote.

The animal, which might also be a stray dog due to its lack of aggression, is currently in isolation and being treated for mange as experts await genetic results.

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