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’Nanny’ Dog Who Cares for Surrendered Cleft Palate Puppies Is Melting Hearts

Bringing in new pets to the family can sometimes be difficult, just as it could be with adding a new baby to the fam. On one hand, both the older pets and siblings could be upset that they are no longer the center of attention. But on the other side, there could be older members of the family who actually want to welcome the little ones and help out their parents. Their parental instincts kick in. And now, mom and dad have a built-in nanny or babysitter for the future.  

That's what happened with TikTok user @norcal_bullybreed_rescue and her resident dog named Koala. Koala stepped into the nanny role. She's been lending her paw for support as her family rescues and cares for French Bulldog dogs and puppies. A very tall task, but we're so grateful this family does it. In one of the family's most recent videos, Koala was performing her nanny duties, comforting one of the little puppies in the cutest way possible. We'd hire Koala any day! 

Stop! This is just the absolute sweetest thing. Koala is, for starters, a great cuddler! And second, she was doing this to make sure the puppy felt comfortable, which rescues so desperately need. No one asked Koala to do this, she just knew what needed to be done. For that, she deserves all the treats! 

The video is capturing TikTok's heart. @Lisa Heath wrote, "Oh how sweet!! Koala is such a good nanny." The best nanny we've ever seen! @valaamaris added, "I wish she could nanny me! Snuggle bug." Ha! Don't we all?! Not only is she passing along her love, but she's also a teaching nanny. As @Daisy may said, "Teaching them how to master the art of snoozing." LOL! 

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Koala really is giving these pups the chance to have a loving bond, not that this family of rescuers isn't, she's just coming in for reinforcement! There is more than enough love to go around! 

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