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Video Showing a Day in the Life of a Nantucket Dog Has Us Green With Envy

There are dogs out there living better lives than we are, and Meredith's dog Millie is one of them. Meredith is a private chef and TikToker who runs the account @wishbonekitchen, but her Bernese Mountain Dog often steals the spotlight. This video is the perfect example! 

In this soon-to-be viral video, viewers get a glimpse into a day in the life of Millie...while she relaxes in Nantucket. Jealous yet? If you aren't, you certainly will be by the end of this clip! Millie is living the life of our dreams, and she seems oh-so-happy about it. 

If only every pup could be as happy as Millie--Nantucket or not! 

Yep, Millie is living the life, and she's soaking up every minute of it. We love this girl's curious, explorative nature--from her hike in the hills to her romp on the beach, and we know just how much she appreciates her life in the sunshine.

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"I want to be millie," @gabxtina commented on the video. So do we! We wouldn't believe a soul who said they didn't envy this Berner girl at least a little bit. She looks so happy and carefree!

Tons of commenters love how connected Meredith and Millie are, too. Just ask @melissamale! "She is too cute!" she wrote. "The way she looks at you!" Their bond is absolutely precious, and there's no doubt about it. We're ready to join @lexnicoleta in the "Millie fan club

Viewer @julia.fuller noticed that "she’s so active for a Bernese," and honestly, she is! Though the American Kennel Club lists this breed's energy levels as moderate to high, these dogs are also known for being calm and even clingy. It must be that fresh Nantucket air giving Millie so much energy!

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