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Girl Treats Family's New Calf Like a Dog and Exactly No One Can Blame Her

If you love animals even a fraction as much as we do, you'll understand exactly why this girl treats the family's new calf like a dog. After all, even cows deserve comfort and love! When they're as cute as this brown-and-white calf is, though, they could get away with nearly anything.

By the looks of @leeannkoppel's latest popular video, her whole family loves spoiling their animals, and we wouldn't have it any other way. They're all living the good life, just like this adorable calf!

How precious is this? We love how the baby cow made themself right at home on the bed--as if it's an everyday thing! Commenter @theelfie agreed, writing, "That's just too cute. He is like this bed is comfy." Well, yeah! A plush mattress seems a lot nicer than a grassy field, don't you think?

"I can’t wait to see a grown cow walking into her room for cuddles in a few years," said @detroitdescendent. LMAO! That description sounds accurate AF, especially if these kinds of visits happen on a regular basis. Just like @emjorat3 wrote, "I get why she did it. The calf looks comfortable now. I support this decision." Us, too!

We weren't surprised in the least to see that this wasn't the first time something like this happened. This girl is a calf's best friend! 

How sweet! Leeann is raising one compassionate (and fun) young lady, and everyone is feeling the love. Especially these adorable calves!

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