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New Jersey Ice Cream Shop That's Just for Dogs Is a Stroke of Genius

Almost everyone has a positive memory of stopping for ice cream at some point or another, and now your furry friends can too. They may be more concerned with lapping up a delicious snack than making memories with their favorite folks, but if you're anything like us, an ice cream trip with your dog sounds like a dream come true. 

Well, now it's a reality for the lucky folks who live near Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Salty Paws ice cream shop caters solely to their four-legged clients, though pet parents will love the whimsical aesthetic and wide variety of treats they can spoil their dog with.  We saw it first on @njdotcom's TikTok account, and let's just say--it's time for a road trip!

This looks like the best place for a pit stop with your pup! With cookies, ice cream, and refreshments for any dog, what fur baby wouldn't want to visit? Honestly, we want to go and we wouldn't even be able to eat anything!

"God how I wish I could work there," @mommadofkids commented. Right? It would be an absolute dream to see so many happy dogs...and so many happy owners, too! To quote viewer @.totallynotaveryy, "IM ON MY WAY MY DOG WOULD LOVE THIS." With caps-lock-worthy excitement like that, though, it sounds like she's just as excited! 

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As the video mentions, all the canine ice cream is lactose-free, so your pup won't have to worry about an upset tummy. As for owners, there are no promises; we have a feeling a good amount of people are going to give their dog's ice cream a taste! 

"I don't know, but I think us humans need a cheddar cheese flavored ice cream," @abs0nite admitted. LOL! 

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