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New Kitten Mom Documents First Night With Babies And It's The Cutest Thing

Bringing home a new pet is such a roller coaster ride: there's joy, stress, worry, relief, and so many unexpected moments throughout the process. The first night can be especially daunting, too, but keeping your new bestie comfortable during the adjustment is the most important thing. Now imagine taking this on, times 2! 

Double the excitement? Double the chaos? It's a bit of both according to @monterroso_paula's now-viral video. The new cat mama documented her very first night with feline sisters Mango and Lychee, and TikTok is loving her for it! Not only is the clip adorable AF, but it's super helpful, too! 

Ready for an inside view of the first night with two new kittens?

They're so precious and little! Props to their new mama for giving these kittens space to explore at their own rate instead of trying to shower them with love right off the bat. It's hard to resist, but it helps! 

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By the looks of the comments, we wouldn't be the only ones trying to cuddle with these sisters. "LOVE their names!!" dished @aribabyy. "So cute 🥰🥰!" They really, really are. And their personalities? To die for! 

One of the best things about this video's comment thread is how helpful everyone is. It's like a gold mine of info for new kitten parents! "Put their litterbox under the bed and just leave them alone for a few days," @courtneyem22 suggested. "Go at their pace :)." 

Based on all the adorable updates from Paula, that's exactly what she did!

This video was taken only one day after the first one, and already the girls are so much more comfortable! Clearly they're in an awesome home. Keep up the great work, Paula, Lychee, and Mango!

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