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Pet Parents Take New Puppy to Spots They Enjoyed With Their Dog Who Passed in Tear-Jerking Video

We can't stop crying after watching the heartbreaking tribute one person paid their dog. The video by TikTok creator @mango_thegoldenretriever both celebrated their Golden Retriever puppy and memorialized their dog who passed in the same video. And now people in the comments section are sobbing. 

The tragic footage was shared by @mango_thegoldenretriever, who lost their Golden Mango laster fall. Now they have a brand new puppy named Obie, but clearly their dog Mango is never far from their minds. 

"Taking our new puppy to the river for the first time," the video's text overlay reads. "...And remembering all the memories here with the best friend we lost," it continues. "One thing I’ve learned is that no two loves are the same," their owner wrote in the caption. Okay, we're fully crying now. 

People in the comments section were just as touched. "Losing a dog is one of the most difficult of times, so sorry. Keep an open mind the soul of the dog that crossed over may reside with your pup," @jimmymckendry wrote. "Aww such a sweet video. Cherish those memories and make new ones with that little puppy. Mango will always be remembered," @animallover32021 added. "Must be a bitter sweet moment. Just remember your other dog sent you this one," @azealexander chimed in.

 The parents are now documenting Obie's journey on his own TikTok page @obiethegoldenretriever, but we're sure they'll never forget Mango ever.

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