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Moment Woman Meets Her Puppy at the Pet Transport Truck Gives Us All the Feels

There's a lot of planning involved before you actually adopt or purchase a pet. Just as if you're having a baby, you need to plan and prep for your new pet's arrival. You purchase food, toys, a collar, maybe even a bed. Now the only thing to do is wait for the day to come around where you can finally pick up your new fur bestie. Many of you probably know that day is like Christmas morning, only better! 

TikTok user @bebbas70 recently got to experience her version of Christmas morning minus the actual holiday. It was the day she was waiting on forever. The day she finally got her puppy! In the clip, the pet transport truck was in the parking lot and this creator ran right up to the back, barely containing her excitement. As anyone would do! Soon enough the pet transport work handed her down her new best friend. And when we say the first hug between her and her dog is everything, we mean EVERYTHING! 

AW! Our hearts have completely melted from this clip. We can't tell who is happier, her or the puppy! That's not a bad thing. That's just a sign that these two were meant to be together. "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!" wrote @sara.stl. 

Did you see that little pup's tail?! We don't know if we've ever seen such a happy dog. "Ok I'm crying!!! Look at that tail wag. He’s found his forever person 💕💕💕💕," said @Niccatwin. Yes! We're so in love with this meeting. It's as if the world knew they needed each other. @usertheawakeproject commented what the dog was thinking, "You’re my mommy!!!" Aww! 

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Another TikTok user, @ritamar001, pointed out, "See that's how it works.....get a dog and instant laughter and happiness. 😂😂." LOL! It's that simple! You too can have what this creator has - pure love from an adorable four-legged friend! We can't wait to see this duo's relationship grow even more!

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