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People are Swooning Over Puppy and Baby Who Think They're Littermates

Bringing home a newborn is hard, but having a newborn baby AND a puppy at the same time? Whew, we’re tired just thinking about potty training both of them. Thankfully, a couple on TikTok is doing the hard work for us, and now videos of their baby boy and their puppy being raised as “littermates” has us in tears.

Ford was only 2 months old when his parents adopted their Golden Retriever puppy, Palmer. But it’s safe to say that the two have always been close. “I didn’t know this could happen when you get a puppy after having a baby,” their parent @fordandpalmer wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “They think they’re littermates.” Although if you ask us, footage of the two cuddling up together is hard proof that it’s just facts. Get a load of these two cuties.

So incredibly sweet! Other people in the comments section agreed that Ford and Palmer were the best littermates ever. “I’ve always loved the idea of having a newborn baby and a newborn puppy at the same time,” @nq3linaa1 wrote. “Medical studies have also shown that by doing that, kids are much less likely to develop any allergies,” @nadiadandachi pointed out. “I had that too, I wasn’t a baby but still young so we grew up together,” @stelmach20_21 shared.

And many people wrote in stating that this is the exact relationship they want their child and pet to have. “We’re doing this with our kid,” @urmommysuxpp wrote, before tagging her boyfriend. “I wanna do this with my future kid,” @_melanieflores added. “They are growing up together,” @oreillyyautoparts chimed in.

These two are bound to have a whole lifetime of adventures together. And hopefully, we'll get to see them grow up to be the best of friends!