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Woman Carries Huge Newfoundland Like a Puppy in Irresistible Viral Video

The term 'gentle giant' stuck around for a reason: some of the largest dogs are really just the biggest babies. This includes Newfoundlands, who are known not only for their size but for their loving, affectionate nature, too. No wonder @thenewfcrew has 9 of them!

No, you didn't read that incorrectly. Mackenzie is the human mama to 9 gorgeous Newfoundland dogs, and their adventures together are epic. From family photos to backyard romps and even just couch naps, Mackenzie and her pack have done it... and then put it on TikTok. 

Her latest challenge, though, is lifting her dogs. This clip is the first time she blew up the Internet for this impressive feat, but it certainly wasn't the last. 

She made carrying that gigantic dog look so easy! We bet it was a major struggle to pick up the pup in the first place, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. Just check out the comments!

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"MADAM THERE IS A BESR IN YOUR HOUSE," @persephonebelle0 wrote. LOL! There were a lot of bear comments on this clip, and we can't say that we're surprised. These Newfie dogs do bear (pun intended) quite the resemblence!

"You must be incredibly strong!" said @cherylvetter811. "Do they weigh a lot, or is it deceiving because of all the fur?" That's a good question! It's not something we would've thought about while we were so distracted by this dog's massive size. 

"Avg wts for female are 100-120lbs & male are 130-150lbs," Mackenzie responded. "Beyond that, the majority are overweight for their structure. Also, many ppl exaggerate 😂." LOL! At least she was honest, but we're still quite impressed she lifted all that floof.

After this clip went viral, the only natural thing for Mackenzie to do was to lift her other pups, right?

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