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Newfoundland Thinks Live Groundhog Is Another One of Her Toys and We Can't Stop Laughing

As a dog owner, you will get very used to asking your buddy 'what's in your mouth?', but nothing will prepare you for the day the answer includes a live animal. Even if no one gets hurt in the process, it can be incredibly stressful to say the least. Even the mama of @thenewfcrew, a pack of 9 (yes, 9!) rowdy Newfoundland dogs, was totally freaked out when her pups mistook a groundhog for one of their toys. 

As you can imagine from that sentence alone, it was a chaotic scene. This dog mama was only able to get a few seconds of it on video--after all, there were more important situations playing out--but we're so grateful she did. TikTok is eating it up! 

Oh. My. Gosh! First of all, we were totally thrown off by the size of that groundhog. IDK what we were expecting, but it wasn't a big floof like that. The rodent alone is the size of a small dog! Still, this big pup held the animal like she's done it before.

"The groundhog thought they were friends and couldn’t believe he dropped him like that😂," @idont_wanta commented on the scene. "Was it ok?" The video mentions that she asked her dad to help her get the animal to safety, so we think the rodent is A-OK. As for the hurt feelings, though--we can't make any promises.

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@Rxutxh knows exactly what we mean! She wrote, "the way it PLOPPED then looked at her like, 'what was the reason' - 😂😂😂." LMAO! The plop had us dying too, but we wish we could've seen more of the rodent's reaction. Like @anxiousplankton replied to a comment, "it looked so offended." Well, how would you feel after being picked up by a large, slobbery dog? We're just glad the little thing wasn't hurt by the Newfie's shenanigans! 

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