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Newfoundland's Human-Like Reaction to Mom Leaving the House Is Beyond Adorable

We know that dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but we think there’s a relationship that goes even deeper. We’re talking about the love between a dog and his mama. Sorry men, but it's true! Just take a look at this video from @beanieboots, which shows her dog, Bear, waiting patiently at the kitchen window for mom to come home, and try not to feel the love.

Bear and his sisters Parker and Peyton are three Newfoundland dogs from New York. But it's Bear’s ultra-special relationship with his owner really has the internet swooning. The adorable pup was caught gazing outside just to get a glimpse of his mom coming home — and TBH, we’d give anything to have Bear look at us that way. “This is what happens when Mama leaves the house for 20 minutes,” @beanieboots wrote in the video’s onscreen text. Bear's expression is almost human-like in his pining for his mom, it’s just so sweet!

Other people were also taken in by Bear’s heartfelt expression. “Lol if my pup was that big, I swear he would look out the window and watch my every move. So glad he’s a little Maltipoo,” @sunnys_clouds wrote. “The epitome of ‘they might not be your whole world, but you are their whole world,’” @yogi_nadya108 agreed. “It's the nose wrinkle towards the end that gets me. Like I smell you. Get back here,” @elizabethvekich chimed in. While another commenter wrote “OMG he is her soulmate reincarnated.” And @beanieboots couldn’t help but agree. “Quite literally,” she wrote.

In another video, @beanieboots managed to capture Bear yet again loving up on his mama. The Newfie was right by her side while his mom was chatting to someone off screen.

“Get someone who loves you as much as Bear loves mama bear,” @beanieboots wrote in the caption. And we wholeheartedly agree.