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Newfoundland Puppy Fails Miserably As a Halloween Ghost

Happy Halloween and this Halloween is sponsored by this ridiculously fluffy lumbering ghost baby that can haunt our houses any day. Have you ever fallen in love with a ghost before? Get ready, because that's about to happen. 

Check out this hilariously spooky video posted by TikTok user @Newfiefomle and get ready to be enchanted and terrified at the same time! We don't know whether to scream in terror or squeal with love!

Oh my gosh he is everything! We love the way this big baby sort of stumbles on his sheet and notices mom and gallops towards her. How amazingly sweet is this guy? @Cazorr posts, "He is absolutely gorgeous." He just is, ghost or not this is the type of dog that will get you stopped everywhere you go while walking him. @Lane posts, "Such a scary floof!" If by "scary" you mean "utterly precious" we are right there with you.

The only thing we want to do with this guy and a sheet is curl up with him in bed for a long afternoon nap in this cold fall weather. He is just too perfect for words. This Newfoundland puppy just won Halloween and Valentine's day for stealing our hearts and we may as well give him Christmas now too. Can you imagine this angel in a santa hat? We hope we get to see that happen! 

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