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Newfoundland Relaxes in the Rain Like It's NBD in Irresistible Video

Throughout history, dog breeds were bred for different tasks. Beagles were bred for hunting, German Shepherds were bred for herding, and Newfoundlands were bred as working dogs to aid fishermen with carting and hauling. With the Newfoundland's natural affiliation with water, it's no surprise that this breed may love rain, just like this Newfie that's going viral.

TikTok user @homerthenewf recently shared a video of their Newfoundland, Homer, relaxing and completely unbothered, as heavy rain comes down around him outside. This big pup is laying on an outdoor bed while his mom tells him that he shouldn't be outside in this weather. Between Homer's double coat that repeals water and his breeds reputation as a 'water dog,' Homer is not in a rush to get out of the rain. Check out this hilarious and adorable video below!

LOL, Homer does not seem impressed by his mom's requests to come inside. This pup is quite comfortable where he is and does not see the need to disturb his own peace at this time. Homer seems to be saying, "Try again later mom!"

People in the comments thought Homer lack of awareness regarding the rain was too funny. @doctoryordan said, "Homer finds the rain calming and he can be with his thoughts" and @dreaadeneicee commented, 'He said “What rain?”' Homer had other things to worry about than some silly little raindrops!

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Others found Homer's behavior extremely relatable to their own dogs. @michellegeorge59 commented, "My Newfoundland dog does that in winter. Minus 20 degrees and will fall asleep in snow. He's annoyed when i tell him to come in." Another user, @ambergarcia47, said, "My husky loves the rain. People probably think I neglect her, but she refuses to come in when it rains." It is so interesting how different breeds will respond to certain weather events!

With Homer's love of the rain, his mom should consider getting him a sprinkler to use if they are ever in a dry spell! He needs to be sure he meets his monthly quota for laying outside while water comes down around him.

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