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Video of Newfoundland Practicing Trick-or-Treating Is Impossible to Resist

Halloween is a very highly anticipated day for all. This means that there are many people who had extensive preparation to do before the holiday arrived to ensure the perfect day and trick-or-treating experience. One pup shared what he did in order to get ready for a spooky night full of tricks and treats.

TikTok user @newfiefomle recently shared a video of their Newfoundland puppy, Fomle, and one of the very important things he was doing to get ready for the holiday: he was practicing his trick-or-treating! Check out the video to see what he did to prepare and see how well he did in practice!

OMG, Fomle did so well when he was practicing his trick-or-treating! He looked absolutely adorable bouncing down the street with his treat bucket in his mouth. We are certain he will get many goodies when he goes trick-or-treating!

People in the comments want Fomle to stop by their house when he is trick-or-treating. @courtneybenamara said, "OMG, come to my door. I’ll give you everything LOL." Another user, @francisandbee, commented, "If it was up to me I’d give all my trick-or-treats to this cutie!" Fomle is going to be the best trick-or-treater in the neighborhood!

Others couldn't believe how cute this pup is. @ln042127 commented, "And...thank you for all of the serotonin. Adorable pup!" and @poppytrev1963 said, "How can anyone resist a cutie like that?" Fomle is going to make people want to give him all of the treats and there won't be any for the kids!

We are so impressed with Fomle's amazing trick-or-treating skills. It seems like all of his hard work paid off, and he will be the best trick-or-treater when all the kids and pups go out on Halloween night. We can't wait to see his treat haul!

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