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Video of Newfoundland Patiently Waiting for a Boost Into the Car Is Internet Gold

There's no doubt about it: our dogs are our babies, no matter their age, size, or attitude. Even the largest, most active pups can be the sweetest love bugs! After all, the term 'gentle giant' was coined for a reason, and Newfoundlands are no exception.

Though these dogs are some of the largest you'll ever see, they don't always know their own size. Raymond the Newfie is the perfect example of this, though, in his defense, he's still very young. He's not used to his huge size! Or, maybe he just doesn't care. Honestly--we love him either way! 

In the video that recently brought him TikTok stardom, Raymond can be seen waiting to hop into the car. Though the gigantic boy is more than capable, he'd rather wait for a helping hand to boost him up. We can't say we blame him!

Oh, Raymond, you're so funny! That precious face asking for help is too cute to resist. We only hope he got a boost into the car once the camera stopped rolling!

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"The look back 😂😂," is what reeled in so many of this video's commenters like @theholisticpetllc. It's what sealed the deal for us, too! Even @itsgoldendexter, another popular TikTok doggo, loved "when he looks around wondering what you are doing 😂." Clearly, this Newfie had somewhere to be! In pure diva fashion, though, he wasn't going anywhere until he could get a boost. 

"I'm just a baby 😂🥰," commented @_odinthebavarianbear_. That audio would be perfect for Raymond's shenanigans! With the puppy dog eyes and clingy personality, he is just as much a baby as he is a dog, basically. Truthfully, though--we wouldn't have it any other way!

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