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'Ruthless' Newfoundlands Pose For Absolutely Epic Holiday Photos

When a video's text reads, "POV: a young, childless, couple has a pack of ruthless bears," what do you expect, exactly? Some big, scary dogs that can't be controlled? Literal bears? Well, whatever it is, you weren't expecting this.

These "bears" are, in fact, The Newf Crew. They're a pack of huge, cuddly Newfoundland dogs who might deceive you at first glance. Their size and deep bark might be a little spooky to some, but their gentle personalities are anything but. With their latest TikTok sensation, @thenewfcrew shows off some of their best holiday looks. Bears? Sounds more like teddy bears to us!

Aren't they just the sweetest photos? These dogs are seriously well-trained in order to pose like this. It just goes to show how much work they and their pawrents put into their care and wellbeing! 

Needless to say, TikTok is loving these precious pups. Their long-time fan @wonder_woman_0 gushed, "Oh my dog, you dress them up?! I thought this was my fav page before…how have I not seen dress up pictures of the whole crew?! So adorable!" Yep, this was about our thought pattern while watching this, too. Could they get any cuter?

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Yes, they can--when they're hanging on your wall! @Brfirth08 asked what we were all wondering: "How do we order a monthly calendar?! 🥰," and boy, are we glad she did. The Newf Crew's mama replied to tell commenters she'll be selling them on their website this fall, so make sure to give them a follow if you want to know when they're in stock.

"Omg the amount of $ and time you must spend on food and grooming 😳!!!!" Here we were admiring those amazing photos, and we didn't even think about the prep work that goes into it all like @pikabuuty did. It's just one more reason to give The Newf Crew a huge round of applause! 

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