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Shelters Nationwide Are in Crisis as People Keep Returning Adopted Pets

If there is any sort of silver lining in regards to the pandemic over the past two years, it was the fact that so many people adopted rescue animals. But sadly, now that things are returning to a more normal state and people are heading back to the office, a large number of these pets are being returned to animal shelters.

Holly Sizemore, the chief mission officer with Best Friends Animal Society explained in a Fox News 11 Los Angeles report, "We’re facing a crisis in America’s animal shelters because there are 100,000 more cats and dogs sitting in America’s shelters right now compared to the same time last year." You can hear more from Sizemore in the video below.

"Now, everybody is thankfully back to work and sort of back to real life and I think a lot of people realize they can’t handle the commitment of having a pet." That quote in the video from Lesley Brog, the chief animal lover and founder of Wags and Walks, is nothing short of heartbreaking.

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For those of us who consider our pets to be beloved, important members of our family, it's really hard to imagine how anyone could take an animal into their home and then return them like a piece of clothing. 

And while it's devastating to think of any animal sitting in a shelter all alone, it's especially tough to come to terms with the fact that these poor cats and dogs did have a home and owner they trusted. But that owner wound up betraying them because they couldn't be bothered to care for them anymore.

This report may have been focused on shelters in Los Angeles, but shelters across the nation are all enduring the same overcrowding crisis. The bright side is that there are so many wonderful people who want to help, whether it be through volunteering, fostering, adopting, or simply helping spread the word about animals in need. Hopefully, by this time next year, the number of dogs and cats facing being put down will have dropped drastically thanks to people who are raising awareness.

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