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Dog Has the Perfect Reaction to Mom Turning Off Her Favorite TV Show

Isn't it so cute how some dogs love to watch TV? From pups who get into the intensity of Ozark to those who love wildlife shows, it's just so funny to see them acting like humans. One Australian Shepherd is also addicted to her favorite TV show, which was showcased in a recent TikTok video shared by @sidneypoo.

This sweet pup loves to watch Mickey Mouse each and every single day, and her mom wanted to see how she would react to it being turned off. In the clip, you'll hear mom say, "I don't like watching Mickey Mouse. I'm gonna turn it off." What the dog does next is all too perfect.

LOL! She grabbed that remote as if to say, "Not on my watch, Mom!" TikTok users can't get over how smart she is and were quick to leave comments about what a cute and intelligent pup she is. @Meg Sharpe said, "She’s like, 'Uh, no, the heck you’re not.' Haha love her." @Randi Mastuzek added, "Nope nope & nope! Don't touch this remote! 😂." Another user, @brodaget32 has a dog who loves her favorite program as well and explained, "My Border Collie is the same way! But her show is Golden Girls!" LOL. Love it!

When another commenter suggested that she should be allowed to watch Mickey Mouse all day long, her mom chimed in with, "She watches the Disney Channel & plays with her friends while I work ❤️."

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But apparently Mickey isn't the only cartoon character this precious gal has an affinity for.

Haha! She couldn't resist joining in with the cartoon pups! Sidney's cuteness has certainly earned her a permanent spot in front of the tube from here on out. She more than deserves to tune in!

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