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Baby's Pure Joy Over Love From Her Black Labrador Is Everything

Couldn't we all use a timeline cleanse right about now? The answer is yes, and this TikTok video of a baby being showered with love by her Black Labrador is exactly what we need. The clip was posted by @kristenmillman a couple of days ago, and it already has 2.3 million views.

It's only a few seconds long, but if it doesn't make you smile and go "Aww!", then nothing will. For reals. And be sure to pay special attention to the baby's cute little laugh at the beginning. So. Darn. Cute!

Um, is there anything better than baby giggles? This video is so pure and sweet, it's impossible not to fall in love with both the baby and the dog. Viewers of the clip are absolutely loving it and the comments are pouring in. @Brandy Hitchens said, "THAT LAUGH AND THAT SNORT. I CAN NOW GO TO BED FULL OF HAPPINESS. Thank you baby and puppy!" And @Mummamia added, "In all the craziness in the world right now this video is refreshing 🥰." (It certainly is.) 

Another commenter, @Lisa Carr added, "The cuteness is off the charts 🥰" Of course, every party has a pooper, and some people were concerned about the dog licking near the baby's mouth. But as @The Geriatric Millenial pointed out, "Pets boost babies’ immune systems! 😁 💗."

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The bond between these two is already so special, and it'll only get stronger as the baby grows up and time goes on. In addition, this little one is going to have a loving protector by her side who will also be her very best friend! Given just how much those of us who don't know her are loving every second of this video, we can only imagine how mom feels! Keep the clips, coming, Kristen! 

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