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Baby Girl's Game of Flashlight Tag With Her Pug Is Simply Irresistible

Is there anything more adorable than babies and dogs who are the best of friends? It's just so darn irresistible when pups warm up to the new little ones who enter their families. One baby and her Pug are so inseparable that their precious play sessions are blowing up TikTok. In a new video shared by @m.tothea.d.i, you'll see this sweet baby girl chasing the pup around with a flashlight. 

The dog is totally into the game and is having a blast trying to pounce on the light as it hits the ground. And while that's cute enough, it's the fits of giggles coming from the baby that truly make this clip worth its weight in gold. 

Most precious pair ever! Who else could watch this on repeat just to hear those amazing baby laughs? They're just the best. So many people are loving this video and are leaving reactions and comments. @Kimberly said, "This must be what heaven sounds like ❤️." Another TikTok user, @Amanda Rajah added, "I could watch this all day long... love her laughter! 🥰." And @Lee Baker noted, "A little girl and her best friend having the best time 🥰."

If you needed any more evidence that these two are besties, check out this other clip that was shared by the baby's parents. 

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Again with the giggles! We just cannot get enough of these sweet little cuties. Keep the videos of their shenanigans coming, mom and dad! 

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